Lake Gwelup Primary School

The STEM subjects play such an integral part in our everyday experience that the provision of engaging and comprehensive lessons in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics has become a greater focus in our school, where we aim to give our students the skills and knowledge to equip them for the future.


Lake Gwelup Primary School has an innovative and exciting science program, designed to foster students' natural curiosity, nurture their sense of wonder, and ignite their passion for exploring how the world works. The science curriculum encompasses three key strands: Science Understanding, Science Inquiry Skills, and Science as a Human Endeavour. These strands are interconnected, and we teach their content in an integrated manner. STEM principles underpin our hands-on investigations across the four science understandings: Chemical Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Physical Sciences. Within science lessons, students also learn about sustainability practices and Indigenous perspectives, ensuring that they develop an understanding of environmental responsibility and cultural awareness while exploring scientific concepts. Through immersive learning experiences, our students develop critical thinking skills and a deep understanding of scientific concepts, preparing them to become informed and curious citizens in an ever-changing world.


The Western Australian curriculum covers two essential areas: Design & Technologies and Digital Technologies.

Lake Gwelup Primary School is well resourced to provide students with a comprehensive digital education. Cyber safety education begins in early childhood, where students learn about the digital world via iPads, Bluebots and “unplugged” programming. Throughout the primary years, digital technologies are integrated across the curriculum, enabling students to develop 21st century skills such as creativity, communication and critical thinking. Through hands-on experiences with robotics like Makey Makey, Ozobots, Microbits, and Ev3 Robots, students not only learn to create with technologies but also gain a deep understanding of digital systems and computer programming. Students are able to upload their work to Seesaw, giving families instant access to their learning.

In Design and Technologies, students work through the design process to generate innovative solutions to real world problems.

Nurturing personal excellence and proactive
citizenship within a unique community.