Lake Gwelup Primary School

Acquiring mathematical knowledge opens doors and enhances the lives of individuals.

The Mathematics curriculum in Western Australia equips students with vital mathematical skills and understanding in Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. This curriculum fosters numeracy capabilities essential for personal, professional, and civic engagement, serving as the foundation for specialised mathematical fields and practical applications in various professions.

At Lake Gwelup Primary School, teachers implement a balanced numeracy program following the LGPS Pedagogical Framework. Numeracy lessons encompass explicit teaching of mathematical vocabulary, key concept revision, structured mental math programs, and a structured approach to introducing new skills, drawing from a range of carefully crafted planning documents and resources. Teachers employ manipulatives, models, real-life examples, and other resources to enhance these programs, ensuring alignment with all aspects of the Western Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. Following the introduction of new concepts, teachers employ various methods to assess individual student understanding before guiding them to the next level. Students can also independently demonstrate their understanding and articulate mathematical reasoning through highly effective assessment and moderation tasks.

Through focused instruction on mathematical skills and processes, we aim to ensure that our students will:

  • Display confidence and creativity as proficient users and communicators of mathematics, capable of exploring, representing, and interpreting situations in personal and professional contexts and contributing as active citizens.
  • Cultivate a progressively advanced comprehension of mathematical concepts, demonstrating fluency in processes.
  • Solve problems and use logical reasoning across Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.
  • Acknowledge the interconnections between different areas of mathematics and other disciplines, fostering an appreciation for mathematics as an accessible and enjoyable field of study.

Develop a lifelong love of Mathematics.

Nurturing personal excellence and proactive
citizenship within a unique community.