Lake Gwelup Primary School

The school uniform is a visible representation of the standards expected of students and plays an important role in promoting a positive image of our school. We ask for your cooperation in seeing that your child comes to school wearing the following school uniform items which display the Lake Gwelup logo:

  • green/yellow polo shirt;
  • green shorts/skorts/track pants;
  • green checked dresses
  • green/yellow jackets
  • reversible hat in faction colours; and
  • suitable footwear
  • single colour, matching socks, no knee length socks


All hair longer than shoulder length hair must be tied back neatly as a preventative measure in the spread of head lice.

Regardless of gender, students with long hair are required to tie their hair back off their face.


Students who have their ears pierced are required to wear only sleepers or studs whilst at school.  Jewellery is discouraged except for a watch.


It is school policy that all students are to wear the reversible school hat for all organised physical education activities and while playing outside at recess and lunchtime.  This hat policy is fully supported by the Cancer Foundation as an effective means of protecting students from the harmful effects of over exposure to UV rays.  We have a ‘no hat no play’ policy throughout the year.

Special Groups

Cultural dress can be incorporated into Lake Gwelup Primary School’s Dress Code by prior negotiation with the Principal.

Pre Loved Uniform Shop

This is run by the P&C out of the storeroom in the Undercover area.  The sign on the door has contact and opening information. All items cost $5 payable by cash.

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