Medical Forms

Lake Gwelup Primary School

Where appropriate the school will work with you to develop an appropriate Health Care Plan for any medical conditions your child may have.

You will need to first develop a proposed plan for the school to review.  Once you have returned the plan the Principal / Deputy Principal will:

  • Review the plan(s) to ensure the school is able to provide the necessary support;
  • Arrange staff training if required to support your child;
  • Ensure plans are implemented, monitored and reviewed annually;
  • Manage the confidentiality of your child’s health care information; and
  • Provide appropriate storage for medication and health equipment.

Health Care Plan Forms

Forms are available for common conditions.  For other conditions the generic health care form or a plan provided by a medical practitioner can be used.

The following plans are available:

  • Severe allergy/anaphylaxis;
  • Minor and moderate allergies;
  • Diabetes;
  • Seizure;
  • Asthma;
  • Activity of daily living;
  • Administration of medication;
  • Emergency response plan for students with special needs; and
  • Generic health care plan (for all other conditions).

Forms can be obtained from the school office.

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