Lake Gwelup Primary School

Valuing Communication

The staff at Lake Gwelup Primary School value positive partnerships with parents and the school community.  Details of events and activities will be communicated via assemblies (Pre Primary to Year 6), notes from teachers, Seesaw, the QKR app, newsletters and Term Planners.

Talking to Your School

Where appropriate, teachers should be your first point of contact to discuss most issues concerning your child’s learning at school.  Often speaking promptly with the classroom teacher greatly assists in working through any issue and a satisfactory outcome is achieved for all.  If you have any concerns during the year regarding your child, we would appreciate it if these issues are relayed to your child's teacher as soon as they arise.  You will find that there is often a simple solution.  If you are in need of a more detailed discussion, please feel free to make an appointment by calling the school office.

Connect and Respect: Expectations that promote learning, wellbeing and safety in all public schools in Western Australia.

Together we make a difference. We welcome parents and other members of our diverse community into our school. Student learning is strengthened when school staff, parents and carers are actively and positively involved in their education.

We all share a responsibility for providing a safe, supportive and productive environment, free from bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence.

Parents and carers and other visitors to schools support safety by ensuring communication and conduct at school and school activities is respectful. Every student, staff member, parent or carer has the right to feel safe and be safe at our school.

Nurturing personal excellence and proactive
citizenship within a unique community.