Lake Gwelup Primary School

Canteen - The Food Shack

The canteen operates each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for Pre Primary to Year 6 students.  Orders can be made either using the Qkr app or by placing correct money in a lunch bag with student’s name, class and order written on the front.  Lunch bags can be purchased from the canteen and extra menus are available from the school office.  For enquiries contact the canteen manager, Kerry Needham at  The continued success and viability of our Canteen is dependent on parent volunteers.  The P&C requests that all families volunteer for at least one day in the school year.

Zero Waste Lunches

Help us save money to use on your child’s education instead of waste disposal.  Please organise your child’s lunch box, following the Zero Waste Lunch guidelines:

Bring your food NUDE

Bring your food in a CONTAINER

COMPOST your food scraps

REUSE a drink bottle.

Please provide ‘Nude Food!’  Waste management is expensive so ‘nude food’ means there is no packaging in the lunch box.

It is necessary to continually communicate with your child so that they eat all the food you supply, with no wastage or rubbish.  Communicate weekly, as your child’s tastes will change.  Instruct them to bring home in their lunch box any unfinished items so you can review the situation.  Energetic, playful children often take two bites out of a large apple and then throw it away.  Discuss ‘small’ fruit selections with your child.

Cruch & Sip

We are a Crunch & Sip school, meaning that we approve the students snacking on vegies/fruit and sipping water during lesson time.  The timing of each class Crunch & Sip is determined by the classroom teacher in conjunction with their own timetable.

Please note that Crunch & Sip does not include crackers, popcorn, nuts or juice.

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